2017 – 18 Middle North Pom & Cheer Tryouts

Pom and Cheer Tryouts will be held together this year at Middle North.  Every participant will be learning both pom and cheer skills along with a cheer and a spirit dance.  Participants will have an opportunity to give preference as to which team they would like to be a part of on the first day of clinics.  In order to participate, athletes must have a current physical on file.  Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for tryouts.
Contact Ms. Shearer (pom), Mrs. Serlin (pom), Ms. Bachrach (cheer), or Mrs. Rusk (cheer).
Clinic Dates: Tuesday 10/10 and Wednesday 10/11 from 3-5pm
Tryout Date: Thursday 10/12 (beginning at 2:20pm – ??)